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Lucky Cameras is a professional camera rental house located in Flanders, very near to Brussels. We rent out all the latest digital cameras. Because we believe in the quality and creative use of both film and digital capturing we also rent out super 16mm and super 35mm (2 perf, 3 perf and 4 perf) film cameras from high quality brands such as ARRIFLEX and AATON. Next to the camera bodies we are able to supply all the necessary accessories and film lenses. As we are a medium-size rental house we can not keep an extremely large inventory such as big rental groups well known worldwide. However, we have very close relationships with those major companies located around Belgium and we will be pleased to help you with any special demand you would have for us.

Since we started we have delivered many other cameras, lenses (anamorphic or spherical), and many special accessories which are not listed within these pages. Please feel free to contact us for any request, we will never let you down and take the utmost care to fill your wishes. We treat our rental products with the necessary knowledge and care and we are proud on our service towards the different clients we come across in the world of film.

You can conclude that working with Lucky Cameras means working with quality.




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