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Misfit Atom

Bright Tangerine

Ultra Lightweight Clip-on Mattebox specially for Gimbal Shoots.

LMB - Light-Weight Mattebox


Availible Models :

LMB - 5 : For 4x5.6"

LM5 - 15 : For 4x5.6"

LMB - 25 : For 4x5.6"

LMB - 4 x 5 : For 4x5.6" Full Pro Set Availible

LMB - 4A : For 6.6x6.6"

MB-19 - Studio Mattebox


ARRI MB-19 Studio Mattebox

15 or 19mm Rod Support

Sprayoff micro


Key Facts:
- Weight: approx. 0,500 kg
- Disc diam.: 118 mm
- Disc speed: approx. 3.800 rpm
- Power supply: 24 V or 12 V

The Micro allows easy handling and quick setup.
Its designed to be used within an existing matte box, such as ARRI LMB-5, LMB-25 or MB-19.

FF-4 - Manual Follow Focus


​- Gear ratio of 1:2 is appropriate for a wide range of lens barrel sizes​​

- With adapter, compatible with studio rods systems 15 and 19mm​

- Economical and robust



The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 combines three axes of lens control with a lens data display in a compact and ergonomic housing.

Current SUP : 3.0.7



The Arri Wireless Compact Unit WCU-3 is an all-in-one compact and  lightweight remote control for camera on/off, focus and iris. Special attention has been given to ergonomics and durability, with features like an adjustable handgrip, backlit buttons, an illuminated index scale, optional cabled or wireless operation, and sealed precision optical encoders for the manual controls that make the WCU-3 a very easy to use and user-friendly remote control option.

Cforce RF


The cforce mini RF is an intelligent lens motor with integrated white-coded ARRI radio module, eliminating the need for an additional receiver unit mounted on the camera.

The cforce mini RF can pair with up to three hand units for split focus, iris and zoom operation and provides full lens data when used with the WCU-4 hand unit.



The Ultrasonic Distance Measure UDM-1 measures the distance from talent to sensor plane, supporting the focus puller.



Consist of an ergonomic and intuitive cPRO hand unit paired with a cPRO motor, all equipped with the latest cmotion RF module. The LBUS interface not only allows the system to be expanded by simply connecting cforce mini / cforce plus motors for up to 3 axis control, but also accessories such as cmotion’s cfinder III to enable fast pinpoint autofocus. 

Cvolution White RF


Exceedingly versatile and modular, the Cvolution by Cmotion can cater to almost endless shooting situations. 



While cmotions pan-bar zoom was designed for classic pan-bar operations, the steady zoom is optimized to fit perfectly to any steady or gimbal application. 

The new designed clamp lets you place the zoom unit right next to the rod, which enables a neutral position of the thumb to comfortable control the zoom joystick.

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